Drone Operations Centre

All you will need for drone regulatory compliance, mission planning and maintenance logs.


Drone Centre’s tools and API’s are used by companies all over the globe to install and automate web based drone applications for disaster management, agricultural / terrestrial surveys and public safety

Drones Operating

Operations and Maintenance
In One Place.

Mobile software works on any iPad, PC and Mac. Don’t be limited to just working behind a counter next to clunky hardware.

Hike also works offline so you can sell even when internet is down. This makes it more reliable and faster compared to generic cloud POS systems.

Remote Drone & Camera Control
Drones and lens adapter direction, as well as focus speed, can both be controlled remotely.
Video Recording
Collect and store all of your footage on the drone's Memory card as well as the stable Amazon S3 cloud.
Live Telemetry
For alertness, monitor the drone fleet's progress and receive service mark alerts.
Thermal Camera Support
Even during the night, look for irregularities, protect weaknesses, and recognize squatters.
Mission Logs
Examine past project records, with particular attention to any observations made by the user.
Pre-flight Checklists
To make a reliable and secure launch, build personalized pre-flight worksheets for each project.

Security and surveillance

Drone Defence Approach with Complete Autonomy Schedule automatic patrols and operate them remotely

over the internet network. Introduce automatic drones for observation, armed guards, boundary protection, and air observation.

Why do you use a delivery service like Drone Centre?

An all-in-one drone delivery app for managing drone fleets, pilots, stores, and recipients.

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